Inspiring Perspectives: Tech Talks and Exploration at FAST-NUCES Karachi with Industry Experts

Bob Ferguson (Senior Coach Communications Xecofy), Ali Hasnain Shah (Managing Partner Xecofy) and Faraz Bandukda Co founder Hilal Invest were invited as speakers to a seminar at FAST-NUCES Karachi (Official)

Bob Ferguson delivered a stellar speech on: The challenge of great technical communication and need for powerful storytelling.

Faraz Younus Bandukda, CFA Co founder Hilal Invest spoke about: How to become successful in life as tech entrepreneur.

Ali Hasnain Shah spoke about: Reinvent Yourself – Unlock your True Potential

Later on, the team was given a tour of FAST’s library, Ai R&D lab and the sports facilities. It was good to witness the focus on learning latest technologies as well as sports and fitness..

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