Bob Ferguson (our Communications Coach): keynote speaker at The Future Summit 2023

Fantastic news, everyone! On November 15 and 16, 2023, Xecofy will be participating in The Future Summit at the Movenpick Hotel in Karachi, Pakistan where Bob Ferguson, Senior Communication Coach at Xecofy, will be a keynote speaker. Meet our Managing Partner, Ali Hasnain Shah and Bob Ferguson at the conference.

For the following reasons, the Future Summit is the place to be this year: influential government leaders, visionary entrepreneurs, and CEOs from leading corporations come together. This isn’t just any conference—it’s a gathering place for innovators, idea exchangers, and game-changers.

The fact that Xecofy is attending The Future Summit demonstrates our steadfast dedication to remaining on the cutting edge of business trends and information exchange. We’re excited to share with you new perspectives, ideas, and perhaps even a little bit of magic from this enormous occasion. Watch this space for additional information and highlights from The Future

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