Xecofy’s Chief Coach Naveed Khawaja Keynote at Manufacturing Summit, Liverpool (UK)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 14, 2018:

Manufacturing Summit is attended by approx 6000 delegates. In my “Purpose Powered Performance”
keynote today at the UK Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit in Liverpool, the key message is to help leaders recognize the critical need for purpose, the power of it, and the crucial role it will play in the next industrial revolution.

A few years ago in London, May 2014, I came across a truly disruptive piece of work. It was from someone who is a Top 50 thinker in the world. He introduced me to a concept — one that has kept the wheels in my brain churning ever since. What he inspired was an internal revolution that has changed the way I see the future of business.

Today, executives at large organisations are pursuing the competitive advantage and seek the ability to respond to rapidly changing client demands that digital transformation and enterprise Agile allows. And that is why, in this ever-changing landscape, it is vital to move teams and individuals with high-achieving talent toward higher intrinsic motivation, centring on a shared purpose.

What are you doing to unlock the true potential of your teams and yourself?

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