Xecofy is a Silver Sponsor at Agile Riyadh 2018 Conference

We are thrilled to announce that Xecofy is the Silver Sponsor for Agile Riyadh 2018 conference organised by Agile Days Middle East being held on 10th Oct 2018.

Agile Day event is a single day event gathering agile enthusiasts together for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration, and creativity. We invite you to join and share your insights and feelings, discuss questions you care about. Agile Days ME is the first agile day event in the heart of the Arabian Gulf, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For who?
For anyone interested to learn about agile. Entrepreneurs, managers, designers, business analysts, developers, testers, anyone in the field of product development.

Top reasons to attend!
A full day of conferences, keynotes, workshops, and technology showcases, covering two different areas of the Agile (Agile process, cultural, and, Agile technical excellence), is set for October 10th, at Al Faisaliah hotel, with a full-board entertainment and awards day.

Better than any formal training.
Agile Day event host world-class international and local speakers.
The best speakers in the field of agility in our region.
The cheapest agile event ticket in the Middle East, including lunch and awards.
The event is a day for entertainment and relaxing with high-quality knowledge.
For more information about the event schedule please visit: agiledaysme.org, or contact us at the following email: founders@agiledaysme.org.

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