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“Xecofy’s STEAM (Strategy to Execution using Agile Methodology) is a good interactive training giving a comprehensive introduction to Agile and Scrum and also explaining clearly how we can benefit from it by implementing it in our organisation.”

Nigel Luckett, CSI Program Director Ericsson

Xecofy’s two day workshop on Agile and Lean Ways of Working was extremely useful. As a team we had a lot of fun. We learnt all the foundational concepts about Agile Methodology. It’s a highly recommended training for any organization that is looking to set upon the path of becoming more agile and bringing in the practices of Agile ways of working to their organization.

Sadia Khuram, Chief Customer Experience Officer Jazz (PMCL)

Xecofy’s Coach (Kevin Charlesworth) delivers quick results to help unlock team performance – his no nonsense approach is challenging, direct and provides straightforward solutions to drive teams to perform at their best.

Andrew Bailey, VP Global Marketing Astra Zeneca

I had the immense pleasure of Xecofy’s Coach (Bob Ferguson’s) wisdom for a whole day in a Masterclass workshop on creating a keynote. WOW! What a wealth of knowledge he has. He oozes pedigree when you watch him speak. He has been there, seen it, done it and won the award! There are few people who radiate that kind of professionalism and it was an absolute joy to watch him answer every question and query with not just the answers, but anecdotes and stories to accompany each one. I have learned things I didn’t know I needed to learn! BRILLIANT day, brilliant workshop, thank you so much, Bob.

Michelle Mills-Porter FPSA Keynote Speaker

Transformation: We hired Xecofy’s coach (Naveed Khawaja) to support a fundamental transformation of all creative content production processes and to make all stakeholders aware, comfortable and knowledgeable about the lean, agile and continous improvement concepts involved. His deep expertise, his ability to adapt to very different settings and unique skills in listening and teaching made our efforts highly successful and will bring about Lasting change.

Michael Kliger, President MyTheresa.com

Transformation: Xecofy’s trainer and coach (Naveed Khawaja) was a catalyst and supporter in the organisational transformation process we undertook within our marketing solutions business at eBay Enterprise in Europe. He acted as a mentor to me and my leadership team as we introduced Lean to our working practices, he provided deep expertise, functional knowledge and a real passion and desire to help the team be successful. I personally thoroughly enjoyed working with Naveed, in particular his ability to interrupt business needs and adapt his approach to process and methodology to ensure its relevant and has impact. I would highly recommend Xecofy’s trainer (Naveed) and look forward to working with him and some point in the future.

Luke Griffiths, Vice President eBay

“This was my first experience with Xecofy and this workshop was conducted so beautifully by Xecofy trainer (Naveed Khawaja). I must say that I learned about Lean and Agile as a methodology today and it is not only a very practical solution but at the same time it is broad-based to the extent that it helps individuals and their family, personal, social as well as business context. I’m so glad that Xecofy has launched itself in Pakistan and they’ve introduced its corporate sector to this amazingly important methodology. I wish them all the best.”

Kamran Rizvi, CEO Carnelian

“Today I received training on Agile, Lean, Scrum, Kanban. They sound like complex, big words but it’s Xecofy’s Trainer (Naveed Khawaja’s) beauty that he explained it all in one day. I endorse Xecofy and highly recommend this to all corporate organizations whether they’re banks, telecom or start-ups they should get training from Xecofy. I’ve attended so many trainings in Pakistan but none of them were this much interactive and innovative.”

Noshad Minhas, Country Head Fasset

“Xecofy STEAM workshop has been a wonderful experience. The most important take away for me was learning that transformation starts with yourself whether it’s business transformation or lifestyle transformation. The key learning for me was to first fix issues in ourselves and then look towards others.”

Ammar Khan, Managing Director MEA Nexus Telecom

“Most enjoyable part was the concept of Agile. There were a number of things – under the ambit of Agile – that we were already doing at our workplace but never thought they were part of Agile – which is an incremental process of doing tasks and that was amazing. The Kanban approach is going to get us more organized. We’ll get things done and achieve our targets. This training was much more than what I’d expected. Thanks to Xecofy team.”

Mohammad Uneeb, Plant Manager HPSL

Naveed is a great addition to any team. He’s friendly, approachable and always has an answer if you’re in doubt. Working with Naveed was a great learning experience. As Scrum Master he was informed, professional and devoted to his team. I highly recommend Naveed as a Scrum Master and as Agile Coach.

Kasia Glandziej, Cloud Project Manager Canonical

As well as being an experienced and inspiring public speaker, as a coach, Naveed understands that business (like life) is usually more complex than the latest trendsetting books would have us believe. In my role as User Experience Designer, I have found Naveed’s Agile (and wholehearted) approach to problem-solving infinitely helpful.

Francesca Granato, Senior UX Designer Unboxed Consulting

Naveed joined as an agile coach to the three teams for which I was ops analyst. I was impressed by his ability to blend in quickly, bring in his ideas subtly, while smoothly improving the process. He takes on challenges with a smile. He was ready to help his colleagues any time amidst his hectic work schedule, even outside his work area. He is thorough in what he does and I wish him all the success in life.

Prematha Balan, Ops Analyst GE

Working with Naveed was an absolute pleasure. He came into our business and over a period of months and completely changed our approach to getting projects through the organisation. Through his measured approach and gentle, amiable manner he quickly got the key change-makers on board and empowered them to cascade his methods throughout the whole organisation. Thanks to Naveed’s guidance and patience Agile, and Kanban methodologies are now the backbone of how we work. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Naveed and would recommend him wholeheartedly.

Daniel Clarke, International Creative Director Zeta

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