Xecofy’s Management Team (Naveed Khawaja and Ali Hasnain) participates in “Accelerate Halma 2019” Conference in Rome as Digital Advisory Board Members

May 21, 2019

Rome, Italy — Xecofy’s leadership team (Naveed Khawaja and Ali Hasnain) were invited to participate at Halma’s biennial conference called “Accelerate Halma 2019” , held at Hotel Rome Cavalieri in Rome, Italy.

This event was attended by around 350 Halma global c-suite leaders including Halma’s top leadership as well as top management of over 45 Halma companies. It showcased innovation of Halma companies including a wall of fame to present each company’s key strengths and current focus.

Naveed Khawaja participated in a panel discussion with other leading global experts and board members from Halma and said, “a truly agile culture of the future is the one that enables psychological safety by celebrating failures as much as success in multiple dimensions.”

Later in the afternoon, Naveed Khawaja facilitated an experiential workshop for global leaders on the future of “Organisation Design” along with Halma Executive Board Member, Talent & Culture Head, Jennifer Ward. Ali Hasnain, along with one of Halma’s Divisional Chief Executive, Laura Stoltenberg, facilitated a workshop on “Leveraging Strategic Marketing” for Halma’s leadership team, where he also shared best practices and key insights on strategic marketing. Xecofy’s team helped Halma HR team in designing and delivering these interactive workshops with a focus on innovative collaboration and networking as a cultural DNA in Halma companies.

Naveed Khawaja with Andrew Williams, Halma plc CEO
Ali Hasnain with Laura Stoltenberg (Division Chief Executive at Halma plc), Bella Geary and Marco Placidi

“Pursuit of purpose-powered performance drives innovation. Experiencing the energy, passion and extraordinary talent at Halma Accelerate 2019 was a good opportunity for us as we connected the dots for creating a safer, cleaner, healthier future, from strategy to execution. We are excited to be part of the digital advisory board. We have found trustable friends, friends who focus not just on profits, but primarily on purpose by adding value to people’s lives.” said Naveed.

Said Ali, “We were thrilled to be part of the Halma Accelerate event. We met Halma leaders and gained insights about their companies. There is a lot of exciting work these companies are doing. We witnessed a strong commitment and connection with their powerful purpose which is “Growing a safer, cleaner, healthier future for everyone, every day”. We are excited to engage with Halma’s leadership and advise them on their journey of digital transformation.”

Naveed Khawaja and Ali Hasnain with Paul Walker, Chairman Halma plc
Ali Hasnain and Naveed Khawaja with John Dunne (Division Chief Executive) and Jennifer Ward (Group Talent and Communications Director) at Halma plc
Naveed Khawaja and Ali Hasnain with Inken Braumschmidt (Chief Innovation and Digital Officer at Halma plc)

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