Monthly Roundup – March 2019

It is hard not to feel jet-lagged as I write this roundup for March, considering all the places we visited.

First, Naveed Khawaja (our Chief Coach) traveled to Budapest, Hungary to deliver his famous Purpose Powered Performance keynote and participate in a panel discussion at the OPEX & Manufacturing Innovations in Life Sciences Conference, which was being held March 5th through March 7th. His keynote proved popular and was rated amongst the top three sessions by the audience at the conference. He was also considered one of the best speakers, which was incredibly humbling, considering the hard work we have all put into the keynote’s evolution since it was first presented several years ago.


At the conference, Naveed joined industry leaders to discuss what life science can learn from other industries on a panel called Lean, Quality and Workforce in the Digital Age.


Ali Hasnain (our Senior Partner), also did a fair amount of globetrotting (and problem-solving after he missed his flight from London to Dubai) to attend ‘The Leaders in Islamabad Business Summit 2019’ on March 13 and 14 in Islamabad, Pakistan. Organized by the Nutshell Forum and Martin Dow, the summit brought together leaders in business from around the world and in Pakistan to discuss thoughts, ideas, and strategies to address elements crucial to Pakistan’s economy and geopolitical influence.

The summit featured 65 speakers, including distinguished international delegates, parliamentarians, business journalists, and global CEOs from Australia, Bahrain, Canada, China, the UK, and the US. Other politicians and ministers from within Pakistan were also in attendance and actively participating in panel discussions.

While in Pakistan, Ali also made site visits with the National Commission on Human Development (NCHD) and the Pakistan Education Foundation to see how Xecofy can support more education initiatives for the out of school children (sadly over 20 Million children are out of school in Pakistan). Both of the organizations have done a great deal for creating access to education for the underprivileged, specifically in rural and far flung areas. We will let the stories speak for themselves, however, and have included some below, at the bottom of this post.


To round the month off, Naveed ended the month by presenting his Purpose Powered Performance keynote in Amsterdam, the Netherlands at C-Parity’s 5th Annual Global Process Improvement & Operational Excellence Summit, March 27th to 29th. He also joined an expert panel to discuss “Best Practices for Sustainable Development,” which was highly rated by conference attendees, who felt that both keynote and plenary session were entertaining and informative.


We enjoyed all the conversations and feedback gained from the conferences this month, and we hope all of those who took the time to meet with us and attend our session will walk away feeling they had a memorable, enriching experience that they will share with their colleagues and friends.If you did happen to meet with us at any one of these conferences, please feel free to drop us a note and stay in touch. Feedback is always welcome!


So we end this month back in London where we will take a few days to get over our jetlag, but we will be back in April, as ready as ever to talk to you more about purpose and Agility.


Until then, here are some of the stories about the great work these education organisations are doing in Pakistan:





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