Xecofy’s Chief Naveed Khawaja Presents Purpose Powered Performance at 14th Annual Quality, OPEX & Manufacturing Innovations in Life Sciences Conference

Budapest, Hungary —Xecofy’s Chief Naveed Khawaja delivered the opening keynote at the 14th Annual Quality, OPEX & Manufacturing Innovations in Life Sciences Conference being held March 5th through March 7th in Budapest, Hungary.

His keynote is titled Purpose Powered Performance: Moving Beyond Lean and Agile to Complete the Productivity Puzzle, where he discussed how this new era of operational excellence is going to drive change. Naveed’s “purpose orientation” approach to driving productivity illustrates why giving employees a purpose helps companies further innovate and achieve excellence. He described the hidden secrets of intrinsic motivation in millennials and the future of business and gave practical tips on how to bring in Agility, Leanness, and productivity with a purpose.

“I’m honoured to be chosen for the opening keynote about this dynamic topic to such prestigious global leaders as we continue to hone our Agile skills and improve our lives with purpose,” said Naveed.

Naveed is an invited speaker for the opening keynote of the two-day conference, where participants are hearing “inspirational talks embracing Pharma Production 4.0 and the future of productivity beyond Lean, Agile and Kanban. The program is filled with practical case studies as well as interactive discussions where you can share your views on making an organization ready for the change, setting up a digital mindset and the digitalization journey in quality and production.”

Later in the conference, he joined Crystal Davis, The Lean Coach, and Kasper Bodker Mejlvang, Corporate Vice President, DFP Manufacturing Development, NovoNordisk, on a panel called Lean, Quality and Workforce in the Digital Age, which will answer what life science can learn from other industries.

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