Xecofy Commits to Education Initiative for the Poor in Pakistan

London, UK – Xecofy has donated resources to aid a sales, development and training center in rural Pakistan, where students, who are all either factory workers or the children of factory labor, ranging between the ages of 7 to 20, have been learning to read and write English.

The English-based curriculum is taught in a manner that is relevant to the students, ensuring that participants are better able to grasp the subject matter.

“This is particularly satisfying to us,” said Naveed Khawaja. “Instead of teaching them ‘A for apple, B for ball,’ the kids are learning ‘A for axel, B for ballbearing,’ which they will actually be able to relate to given that they have spent their entire lives in a factory setting.”

Xecofy strongly believes that investing in education is a cost-effective way to drive development and create greater opportunity.  “Financing education initiatives for the hardworking poor is by far the best investment that we could possibly make,” added Naveed.

Pakistan’s education crisis holds back millions of children and threatens progress in the country. According to education organisation AlifAilaan, there are 22.6 million boys and girls out of school, accounting for nearly half (44%) of all children in the country.

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