The Power of Corporate Storytelling in Persuasive Communications Masterclass

In all forms a business, it is essential to be able to speak with compelling content whether it’s to an audience or one to one. This accelerated masterclass condenses the content and techniques from Xecofy’s 5-day communication mastery course into a high impact masterclass that takes account of senior executives’ greater experience and time constraints.

Business relies on effective communication. There is hardly any occasion when we’re not trying to persuade people to do something. 

It’s critical if you :

  • You have to deliver to the board to get approval for your project or funding. 
  • You have to deliver to your teams to get peak performance
  • You have to deliver one to one to your key personnel

Whenever you have to communicate the common thread is “You have to deliver”!

We have prepared our clients for:

  • Conference keynote speeches to establish their expert status
  • Board and AGM presentations 
  • Speaking at sales events to raise the profile of their business and attract clients.
  • Communicating visions and values through the organisation.

In one packed day, it will show you:

  • The key elements of persuasive communication
  • The power of stories in business what makes them different from entertaining stories
  • The power of humour to make your audience receptive to your message
  • How to craft persuasive presentations effortlessly and at short notice.
  • How to tailor your communication for any audience.
  • How to get experts to communicate well.
  • Delivery skills that will make you look confident and polished in front of audiences.
  • How to develop as a compelling communicator.


Who should attend:

Senior managers and executives who want to understand the drivers behind communication and identify how to use these to build their business and career. The masterclass is tailored to account for the experience of senior personnel and not only provides expert techniques for personal use but guidance as to how these techniques will benefit the organisation generally.


What you’ll get:

  • The ability to craft compelling speeches at short notice
  • Confidence to present effectively in front of any audience
  • A deep understanding of the key techniques in effective communication.
  • The ability to make any message persuasive.
  • Experiential coaching that will make the content memorable and useable straight away.
  • A workbook to support the coaching
  • A comprehensive set of notes to take away.


About the coach:

Bob Ferguson has been a speaker coach and event speaker for almost 20 years. He started shortly after he won his first UK & Ireland Speech Championship which took to the World Public Speaking Championships in America. His development brought two further UK & Ireland Championships including the Humorous title in 2009. He is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association, a member of the UK Guild of Speechwriters and a Certified World Class Speaking Coach.


Most of Bob’s early speaking was in delivering complex content during his 20- year career in spacecraft design. He was a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers with an engineering degree and an MBA. However, his early career included a lot of commercial experience in SMEs. A large portion of his current role is helping businesses use speaking as a marketing tool. His work extends from coaching individuals on speaking and presentations, through helping smaller businesses to use speaking as part of an integrated content marketing strategy. In large corporate clients, he helps teams and departments to communicate better through clear, concise and persuasive presentations.